VintagEija's is pretty much summarized in one person, the owner and boss lady Eija Mannila. In other words VintagEija’s is a dream come to of a long time vintage collector. leppis-15_2

In words of Eija herselfMy vintage-hobby started at my teens, around late 1970s when the rockabilly wave landed in Finland. So everything started with the music! Soon the interested escalated in 1950’s fashion and beyond, to interior design as well.
At the beginning on 2000s I decided it was time for a change
and my old career as a florist was soon to be left behind when I graduated as seamstress on Christmas 2007.

VintagEija’s first saw the day light at May 2008 when I opened my first boutique at Erikinkatu, Turku. We had god six years together with Eerikinkatu until we moved to our current location
Maariankatu 10, Turku on 2014. And to much had happened in between as well! We opened our web shop in 2011, which however didn’t prove to be a huge success and that one had to go. In Finland we say, ‘through troubles to victory’ and we certainly did learn our lesson there. Now you’re reading this from our new, or maybe better to say current, web shop which we opened at November 2013 and has been going strong ever since.

Here in VintagEija’s recycling is a strong and important part of our agenda. That’s why use (pretty much) 100% recycled packaging materials. We do not want to focus on shiny new boxes, but to take on the ecological choice and pack our orders in recycled boxes and materials. So do not be alarmed, if the dress you ordered comes in packed in an old shoe box, for example!

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If you’re visiting Turku but we are not open you can call us to +358458778000 or email us in before hand and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Looking for something special for special someone, forgotten treasures of old attics, American vintage treasures? Are you into rockabilly, custom culture, burlesque or just vintage fashion? We got you covered!

We mainly carry clothing and accessories from 1940’s to 1960’s but we do have something older and something newer in our collection as well, so please, do come in and enjoy our carefully curated collection of vintage treasures!

Ps. we do have our own little dressmaker’s shop and we do produce small amounts of reproduction clothing, mostly from vintage or second hand fabrics for both men and women.


Eija Mannila
Ihalantie 54, 21260 Raisio

Phone: +35850-5746034